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Film review: As Above, So So

As Above So Below This film follows a group of renegade explorers as they dive into the Paris catacombs looking for buried Alchemist treasure.  It’s a creepy movie that plays on the extraordinary claustrophobia of underground spaces, and makes excellent use of the first-person camera genre (though it never proposes the means by which the […]

The Weird, Muddled Ethics of KINGSMAN

Kingsman: The Secret Service A twenty-something hoodlum is recruited to a super-secret spy agency where he learns to fight awesomely and gets access to lots of cool gadgets and has to help stop a madman from destroying the world.  As I watched Kingsman, I found myself oscillating wildly.  The action set pieces are great, the […]

They’re making a movie of THAT?

The recent kerfuffle about the reboot of Ghostbusters (which sounds great to me) got me thinking about reboots and, well, toys.  We all remember the slip-ups.  Your Battleships, your GI-Joes, your endless television cartoons created just to sell toys (He-Man and My Little Pony), but it’s worth our while to take a moment to celebrate […]

The Thing (2011)

Having just seen John Carpenter’s original The Thing in January, I sought out the recent prequel, also confusingly titled The Thing.  It’s a weird prequel/remake, with an almost identical story structure to that of the original film.  In the 1982 film, we find out that a Norwegian research station had already been gutted by the […]

Herbie vs. Superman

Recently watched, on the same day, both Man of Steel and Herbie: Fully Loaded.  Man of Steel is the recent Superman reboot, featuring the lantern-jawed Henry Cavill as the titular hero punching his way around the U.S. fighting General Zod.  Herbie: Fully Loaded is the decade-old Herbie reboot, featuring the titular zany car once again […]

2014 in Review: Films

I don’t keep track of movies quite as closely as other media that I view, but I do try to keep track.  Of the roughly 35 movies I watched this year, here are my top four: The LEGO Movie Far better than you could hope it would be, The LEGO movie perfectly captured both the […]

Juan of the Dead – Zombies Cubano

Juan of the Dead is a Cuban zombie movie in the long tradition of the humorous horror film.  Most directly, it reflects Shaun of the Dead in its narrative, but with a distinct Cuban flavor.  Juan and his friends find themselves among the only sensible people surviving in Havanna after the zombie outbreak begins.  So […]

The Zombies of Mora Tau – not quite the worst zombie movie…

There’s a moment in the short-lived show The Middleman where Natalie Morales’ protagonist argues with her love interest that Zombies of Mora Tau is the worst zombie film ever made, and a great palette-cleanser between viewings of good zombie movies.  First, I’d suggest that you don’t need a palette-cleanser between zombie movies, as the aftertaste […]

Cabins in the Woods

Last week, after watching Cabin Fever, I started to think about this particular subgenre, and wondered how it would be to watch some of these films side by side.  I discovered that four of them have very similar run-times, check it: The Evil Dead, 1981, 85 min Cabin Fever, 2002, 92 min Tucker and Dale […]

Consent, entitlement, and zombies (Deadgirl, part 2)

Trigger Warning: this post discusses sexual assault and harassment. Spoiler Alert: this post discusses plot points in Deadgirl in detail. This is not a review of Deadgirl.  For that, you can see this post.  Instead, this post reflects on some resonances I see between the ideas at work in the film and recent flare-ups of […]

The psychopathy of teenage boys: Deadgirl

Trigger warning: this post explores issues of sexual assault. Deadgirl is one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen.  I knew, from what little I’d read, that it would be hard to watch, but the film’s surprisingly believable dive into the torments of unbalanced teenage boys cuts to the core.  It’s awful, and stunning.  […]

Movies you missed me not missing – one sentence reviews (part 3)

During my hiatus from blogging, I saw a bunch of movies.  And I didn’t review or mention them here.  I know, you’re crushed. So here I continue a series of one sentence reviews of most of the movies I watched between 2 December 2013 and 5 September 2014. X-Men: Days of Future Past – A […]

Cabin Fever is not a zombie movie, but it feels like one

Cabin Fever I knew the early Eli Roth movie Cabin Fever is not a zombie movie before I watched it, but it comes up in the recommendations and mentions of such films that I thought it would be a nice change of pace.  The story tells the tale of five college students who travel to […]

Sappy vs. Humor/horror – Simon Birch and Frankenweenie

Simon Birch and Frankenweenie Every now and again, I page through the upcoming movies on the channels we get to see what might be worth recording for a casual future viewing.  This net caught both films reviewed here today. Frankenweenie expands Tim Burton’s famous early film (which Disney did not like, at the time) about […]

Get the F*ck out of London, You Goddamn Zombies! (Cockneys vs. Zombies)

Cockneys vs. Zombies is a solidly enjoyable zombie comedy, which great production values, a funny scenario, and a bit of pathos.  The film follows two storylines during a zombie outbreak in East London — a group of old-age pensioners trying to survive as their caregivers and the people in streets around them all succumb to […]