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Comics, Threats, Censorship, Free Speech

Having written this, I don’t think it says anything new, so let’s categorize this as a summary of recent events for convenience sake, rather than a blistering think piece. A. The Killing Joke Cover – A recent sequence of events in the comics world: Recently, DC comics announced a bunch of variant covers celebrating the […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Mea Culpa

For your consideration: Apologies. It was the third episode in this list that got me thinking about the topic.  But here are three moments in my podcast listening that struck me as interesting: This American Life – “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory” – After using a whole hour to explore one reporter’s experience in […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Empire State’s Worldbuilder

When my students and I talk about the digital age, one of the changes we trace is the relationship between author and audience.  In oral cultures, the relationship is direct — the one telling you the story is standing within earshot, so you can ask questions and work out details together.  Literacy changes that, separating […]

On modern humor

[youtube:] A few observations without a conclusion. 1. “College Kids Can’t Take A Joke” by Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune (link) Clarence Page writes about how Chris Rock doesn’t perform for college audiences any more because they’re too sensitive. Page writes: I marvel at comedians as varied as Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dick Gregory, […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: I want to be part of the digital revolution!

This season’s The Newsroom has re-told the story of the Snowden leaks on a smaller scale, exploring the idea of the reporter being jailed for contempt of court on refusing to name their source.  While this has been interesting, I find the plotlines about the intersection of the Internet and the news far more compelling. […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: I Zombify Myself to Teach About Zombies

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to Skype in to the Crane River Theater company’s zombie run training session to provide a little information for the zombie participants there.  I wasn’t able to do it live, so I sent them a 15 minute video to show instead.  They recently sent me a thank you […]

Kickstarter update

I did a post about Kickstarter in September, noting which projects delivered on time and which were late. When both The Agents and Santa Vs. Dracula showed up at the same time yesterday, I thought it was time to update you.  Here’s an update, with changes marked using “strikethrough” and new notations Here’s a breakdown […]

Six points for a blogging class

I’m speaking in a class about blogging today, and feeling a bit out of my depth.  Sure, I’m a blogger. Sure, I’ve been keeping this blog for nearly a decade.  But I don’t make a living at it.  And if you’re a regular reader, you know that my ability to update regularly is spotty at […]

The Podcast Summer

I have a recurring and growing struggle with myself over how to use my “listening time.”  When I’m walking to and from work, or washing dishes, or doing home-improvement projects, I like to listen to things on my iPod. I used to listen to podcasts and audio books in roughly equal numbers.  But lately, I’ve […]

When nothing goes out of print, old and new lose much of their meaning (Lessons from The Long Tail)

Two lessons springing from the long tail (the idea that the digital age makes permanent publication of everything more possible). ONE: Shame, public consequences, satire Particularly interesting last week was the flameout of Pax Dickinson, the Chief Technology Officer of Business Insider.  For those who missed the brouhaha I point you to the summary at […]

Facebook likes for sad events: the digital condolence five

In “Good Crazy,” a season 7 episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney comes up with a “Condolence Five,” a way to offer condolences to someone about something sad.  He keeps saying “It’s a thing.”  Of course, in classic #HIMYM fashion, by the end of the episode it IS a thing that Barney uses […]

Kickstarter results tracking

I’m a bit of a Kickstarter addict.  I particularly like comics and board games on Kickstarter.  I’m a glutton.  I’ve discovered, though, that a lot of projects are not good at delivering on time.  Here’s a breakdown of Kickstarters I’ve participated in and their timeliness: A Show with Ze Frank  expected delivery March 2012, delivered […]

Insane Clown Posse showed up on The Soup last night. It’s worth a watch. After the clip, I realized Jenny didn’t know who ICP are, and I proceeded to explain it to her.  After which she reflected that, for someone who has never listened to their music, I seem to know an awful lot about […]

Rule 34

Rule 34 by Charles Stross Stross’ follow up to Halting State walks the precarious line between being a too-close sequel and different enough to be entertaining.  Rule 34 follows the continuing adventures of Liz Kavanaugh, former homicide investigator for Ediburough CID whose career was derailed and has landed in the Rule 34 squad, charged with […]

It will never get harder to copy things: Universities, Electracy, and the coming tsunami, part 3

This is the third in a four-part blog series taking a snapshot of the current economic, political, and grammatological situation facing the modern American university system.  In part one, I provided a preface for this discussion.  Parts two, three, and four focus specifically on pressures from different quarters challenging us to re-imagine what it is […]