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Hyperdrive and Endeavor

Hyperdrive, series 1 and 2 Endeavour, series 1 and 2 Hyperdrive is a classic British Space sitcom that follows the hapless office drones of the HMS Camden Lock through the Galaxy promoting England’s interests in commerce.  Endeavour is a prequel series developing the early life of British favorite detective Inspector Morse (Endeavour is his first […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: I want to be part of the digital revolution!

This season’s The Newsroom has re-told the story of the Snowden leaks on a smaller scale, exploring the idea of the reporter being jailed for contempt of court on refusing to name their source.  While this has been interesting, I find the plotlines about the intersection of the Internet and the news far more compelling. […]

The Death Star Contractor problem and Agents of SHIELD

Watching episode 203 of Agents of SHIELD (the one with the ice guy), I couldn’t help but remember this scene from Clerks: Because this is one of the first episodes where we see very much inside Hydra, it’s the first where we realize just how much Hydra matches SHIELD.  Like SHIELD, Hydra has secret facilities […]

The Spoils of Babylon

What a weird show.  The Spoils of Babylon is a modern version of a 1970s television miniseries, an epic story of family, jealousy, love, and bitterness.  It’s also weird as all getout.  Most of the gags depend on the epic scene chewing and the over-wrought narrative, combined with lots of sight gags and a ridiculous […]

Changing the story: on plot moments that rewrite a series

Spoiler alert This week’s episode of Castle had the usual formula for the non-serious episodes of the show: murder, something funny or weird is discovered, Castle imagines a bunch of amusing plots, it all works out in the end.  The amusing plot this time around was time travel.  Quick plot summary: Joshua Gomez (Morgan from […]

The Elderly and the Living Dead

Three nodes: 1. On the British sitcom Father Ted a schmaltzy singer who is very popular with the elderly shows up in the town, and the oldsters from town find out.  Very quickly, it turns into a zombie siege.  The name of the episode is “Night of the Nearly Dead.”  In this clip, the zombie […]

Everything’s grim in Broadchurch

Jenny and I finished watching the moving, incredibly dark BBC murder drama Broadchurch last night.  Like AMC’s The Killing, Broadchurch provides an in-depth investigation of a single murder, one that draws together people throughout a small town and cracks open the secrets buried beneath the surface.  With amazing acting from everyone, but particularly good work […]

Facebook likes for sad events: the digital condolence five

In “Good Crazy,” a season 7 episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney comes up with a “Condolence Five,” a way to offer condolences to someone about something sad.  He keeps saying “It’s a thing.”  Of course, in classic #HIMYM fashion, by the end of the episode it IS a thing that Barney uses […]

Wait a second, which one of these is the good person? Scandal, sns 1 and 2

Scandal didn’t strike me as the kind of show I would normally like.  Created by Shonda Rhimes, the show looks like a soap opera with a political background.  And it is.  But it’s also pretty compelling in many ways. The show focuses on Olivia Pope and Associates, an organization of fixers who work to help […]

A three-part cliffhanger? Are you kidding me? (Dr. Who series 3)

Jenny and I have approached the summer with a mind toward finishing and moving on from our saved and play-listed television media.  We caught up on Once Upon a Time and Scandal and were stymied in our plan by Bates Motel, which is good but too creepy/depressing to watch more than one per night.  So […]

Bit parts on / Favorite episodes of … the West Wing

Bit Parts: Following up on my post earlier this week… Oh my goodness, I hadn’t realized how many people whom you would later see in more prominent acting roles had bit parts on The West Wing.  I’m not speaking about prominent roles, but rather the occasional one-off role.  Here are a few: Clark Gregg, now […]

Rewatching The West Wing

I never watched The West Wing when it was airing live.  The first time I watched the show, it was running in syndication and I watched an episode every day with lunch.  I watched through the end of season four which is, I recall, when Aaron Sorkin left the show.  I never returned to see […]

Name Dropping and the First Helpful Witness

I will be the first to admit that mystery stories tend to be a bit formulaic.  The weekly television mystery only has so many ways for the detectives to uncover the criminals at the heart of the story.  And if the show turns on the mystery more than the pursuit, it becomes even harder for […]

The True Mysteries of Inspector Blood Murdoch’s Newsroom

That sounds like a show I’d watch.  I was trying to figure out the best way to write about our summer television viewing, which included three separate shows, when I decided to do a “double review,” but in augmented form.  Here we go, a triple review! True Blood: Season 5 develops its main thread around […]

The Titanic Documentary Avalanche

Since the week of the 100th anniversary, I’ve watched several Titanic documentaries I recorded off History and Discovery in the week preceding 14 April..  Some thoughts: Titanic’s Sister Ship: The Sinking of the Britannic Good: decent footage of deep wreck diving by experienced divers Chatterton and Kohler (from the excellent book Shadow Divers). Bad: About […]