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Facepalm: three Internet burps from this week

Three different times I found myself wallowing in anguish while reading an Internet news story.  Ready for the ride? 1. Klout – a Wired news story about the controversial website (via BoingBoing) Klout is a social media metric that measures how influential you are and gives you a score between 1 and 100.  The higher […]

Marketing flameout

Have you been following the Ocean Marketing thing?  Here’s the very quick re-cap: Someone ordered some videogame controllers from a company in early November.  When they hadn’t arrived by Mid-December, they emailed the company asking about them. The customer service rep was a total jerk. The customer got irritated and brought Penny Arcade into the […]

How a proposition in an elevator ripples across the multiverse

I love a good internet kurfuffle.  It’s even better when the issues at stake are real (such as feminism, sexual politics, ethics) as opposed to lame (such as who shot first: Han). The wide-open landscape of the Web allow for a flurry of opinions and zesty froth to emerge in a way that real world […]


Two interesting developments in privacy this week: We’ve all heard about the egregious new Facebook terms that not only say they get to keep all your information in perpetuity, but that such information is now private automagically.  The ever-awesome Al Franken has provided easy-to-follow instructions for “opting out” of this program. But it’s now being […]

All ‘atwitter

I used the phrase “all atwitter” in class today and my students thought it was a reference to the micro-blogging site.  I explained that, no, “all atwitter” was a phrase before the website. Then we all pondered for a moment whether twitter is named for this phenomenon.  They don’t say so, and their birdy birdy […]

In which I am quoted as a Facebook expert

Patrick T. Reardon writes in today’s Chicago Tribune: Nowadays, though, anyone with a Facebook profile can publish a mini-autobiography by posting a “25 Random Things About Me” note. This is a good thing. Although some have mocked them, these 25-things notes are the latest evidence of the democratization of literature. It used to be that […]

Little Tidbits for the weekend

We’re traveling this weekend, so the hubub that is Digital Sextant will probably be quiet until Sunday night or Monday morning. Here are some random bits to tide you over until then: Re: annoying quirks of Netflixery: I added a suggestion to the Netflix blog that when you finish a show using the Watch Instantly […]

Autism’s False Prophets

by Paul A. Offit, M.D. I decided to read this book in response to two things: Clancy posted a comment on my blog asking about Finn’s vaccination schedule. I had done enough research to know that we were going to give Finn the full set of recommended vaccines, but I hadn’t done much research into […]

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Giving up on my Utopian dream that I would care enough to check my “lists” folder everyday instead of select-all-and-delete-ing it every couple days, I have just unsubscribed from techrhet and WPA-L.  I stay subscribed to INVENT-L, clinging to the hope that I might read it now. Having learned this weekend that a good friend […]

What will they think of next?

So I’m working on a website created by someone else and I’m trying to figure out what font they used for the graphic headers at the top of the page (because, of course, they didn’t put the layered photoshop/fireworks files on the website, so I only have the .gifs). I can’t figure it out from […]

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Poll mobbing

The amusing note above the poll makes me laugh here. I’m really excited to pick up my copy of Autism’s False Prophets at the library tomorrow–it’s the story of the rise of the bad science and bad reporting that created a false link in the popular consciousness between vaccines and autism.  This poll is about […]

Google kicks me in the Ego.

First, with their daily Google updates, which I have set to watch for occurrances of Brendan Riley on the web. I do this because I learned that it can be a handy way to spot when people mention your stuff. Alas, this means that every day I get an update on the writings of Navada […]

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Spam that disappoints me

I wish all my emails with amusing subject lines weren’t spam.  Wouldn’t you like to get an email titled “Television Fungus” and find something worthwhile inside?

My favorite spam of late

Irony in email form

An email I received today had both these passages in it.  I’ve added boldface. Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile. Send to all the people you love and don’t want to lose in 2007, even me…. If you get […]