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Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Beguiled by Spam

As all blog owners do, I regularly clear the spam queue from my blog, rarely giving a second glance to comments so clearly machine generated.  I believe early machine comments with non-advertising contents are designed to build a spambot’s reputation on a site so later they can post SEO click content.  Anyway, yesterday I got […]

Movies you missed me not missing – one sentence reviews (part 3)

During my hiatus from blogging, I saw a bunch of movies.  And I didn’t review or mention them here.  I know, you’re crushed. So here I continue a series of one sentence reviews of most of the movies I watched between 2 December 2013 and 5 September 2014. X-Men: Days of Future Past – A […]

Movies you missed me not missing – one-ish sentence reviews (part 1)

During my hiatus from blogging, I saw a bunch of movies.  And I didn’t review or mention them here.  I know, you’re crushed.  So here I begin a series of one sentence reviews of most of the movies I watched between 2 December 2013 and 5 September 2014. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – […]

Jailbird Kookaburra is watching you

Jailbird Kookaburra is watching you.

Thursday Throwback: Affordances and children watching tv

 Originally posted on 27 Nov 2011. Avery recently learned to use the remote.  She’s been building up to it for a while now, able to turn off the television by pushing the red button at the top.  Finn knows to point the remote at the television too.  It’s appalling and cute at the same time. […]

In search of a regular feature…

Kevin really hates whatever kind of computer this is. (CC by Leondardr) Saturdays are a tough day, blogging-wise.  If I’ve gotten up early, it’s to get some shit done so I can avoid work guilt bothering me when I take time to play the Cones of Dunshire with my kids.  So I don’t want to […]

Throwback – Riddikulus! (on gerrymandering and Chicago politics)

Originally published on 5 November 2011. Sometimes when I think about politics, I feel like Neville standing in front of the Boggart cabinet in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban.  But alas, our leaders dressed like ladies would hardly embarrass them. When I was preparing my Open Letter to Congress last week, I looked […]

Nark – where words come from

Reading “The Hands of Mr. Ottermole” for my detective fiction class today, I came across this sentence, warning why most murderers will eventually give themselves away: …your everyday criminal is seldom clearheaded and dislikes being lonely.  He needs, if not the support of confederates, at least somebody to talk to; his vanity needs the satisfaction […]

Throwback – The Coming Monkey Apocalypse

I’ve been keeping this blog for near-on 10 years, so there’s lots of good stuff in the archives.  I’ll make use of the common Twitter hashtag #ThrowbackThursdays to re-post links to old but great posts.  Enjoy. In the past few months, I’ve become more and more convinced that one of Avery’s children’s books is actually […]

I’m back, Baby

In early February of 2014, my blogs got hit with an automated hack that took them down, hard.  I was in the middle of preparing for the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association conference, so I took them offline (along with most of my website) “until I had time to deal with the situation.”  […]

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Peace and Joy

Here’s hoping you have a lovely holiday season, stay warm, and drink plenty of A&P’s delicious coffee, just like the big guy here. But seriously, the best from the whole team at Digital Sextant to our dear readers.

This looks like a shot from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

Doesn’t this look like the lighting from Potterville in the alternate future of It’s a Wonderful Life?

Behold: the creepiest Santa you will see today

I don’t know about you, but I think this Santa is massively creepy.  Look at the man on the far right — he thinks so too.  “Don’t go over there, little girl! Are you nuts?!”

Amazon Associates are back

I got this email Thursday: We’re pleased to announce that the Amazon Associates program is again open to residents of the State of Illinois. We’re now able to re-open the program because the Illinois State Supreme Court recently struck down legislation that had forced Amazon to close the program to residents of Illinois. Amazon strongly […]

Child hangs a Christmas stocking, and makes you want to cry

There’s a long history of telling sad stories about children at Christmas, and I guess this blog has now joined that tradition.  I originally thought this was just a cute photo of children in a Christmas scene.  But then flickr kicked me in the gut with the label: Christmas Scenes from a Methodist Orphanage.  It’s […]