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In search of a regular feature…

Kevin really hates whatever kind of computer this is. (CC by Leondardr) Saturdays are a tough day, blogging-wise.  If I’ve gotten up early, it’s to get some shit done so I can avoid work guilt bothering me when I take time to play the Cones of Dunshire with my kids.  So I don’t want to […]

Throwback – Riddikulus! (on gerrymandering and Chicago politics)

Originally published on 5 November 2011. Sometimes when I think about politics, I feel like Neville standing in front of the Boggart cabinet in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban.  But alas, our leaders dressed like ladies would hardly embarrass them. When I was preparing my Open Letter to Congress last week, I looked […]

Throwback – The Coming Monkey Apocalypse

I’ve been keeping this blog for near-on 10 years, so there’s lots of good stuff in the archives.  I’ll make use of the common Twitter hashtag #ThrowbackThursdays to re-post links to old but great posts.  Enjoy. In the past few months, I’ve become more and more convinced that one of Avery’s children’s books is actually […]

I’m back, Baby

In early February of 2014, my blogs got hit with an automated hack that took them down, hard.  I was in the middle of preparing for the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association conference, so I took them offline (along with most of my website) “until I had time to deal with the situation.”  […]

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Peace and Joy

Here’s hoping you have a lovely holiday season, stay warm, and drink plenty of A&P’s delicious coffee, just like the big guy here. But seriously, the best from the whole team at Digital Sextant to our dear readers.

This looks like a shot from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE

Doesn’t this look like the lighting from Potterville in the alternate future of It’s a Wonderful Life?

Behold: the creepiest Santa you will see today

I don’t know about you, but I think this Santa is massively creepy.  Look at the man on the far right — he thinks so too.  “Don’t go over there, little girl! Are you nuts?!”

Amazon Associates are back

I got this email Thursday: We’re pleased to announce that the Amazon Associates program is again open to residents of the State of Illinois. We’re now able to re-open the program because the Illinois State Supreme Court recently struck down legislation that had forced Amazon to close the program to residents of Illinois. Amazon strongly […]

Child hangs a Christmas stocking, and makes you want to cry

There’s a long history of telling sad stories about children at Christmas, and I guess this blog has now joined that tradition.  I originally thought this was just a cute photo of children in a Christmas scene.  But then flickr kicked me in the gut with the label: Christmas Scenes from a Methodist Orphanage.  It’s […]

Why did the turkey cross the train tracks?

All star balloon

All star balloon

Pumpkin season

Dividend on Death

In a Deadly Vein

Blood on Biscayne Bay