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Escape from Alcatraz

“Live” blogging event: Thoughts  written during a viewing of the Clint Eastwood classic, Escape from Alcatraz. Opening sequence, which uses almost no dialogue, just foley effects and music to set the scene.  The history of the Rock has long turned, in some ways, on its use of silence to control prisoners.  The silent guards and […]

Spider-Man 3

I watched Spider-Man 3with my family Friday evening. The film was fine, with lots of razzle-dazzle, but I didn’t really like it very much.  Like Harry Potter 5, the doom and gloom turn of the likable protagonist is hard to swallow, and when it carries none of the large-scale portent that Harry’s depression did, I […]

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A pretty solid b-movie. The development of the characters and the setup work pretty well, the film follows the usual pattern of people getting trapped together, zombies attacking, etc. The stock characters are all there and work like they’re supposed to. In some ways, the film feels like it was just cobbled together from other […]

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I don’t know anything about this movie. I remember seeing a trailer for it and thinking it looked good. I also remember a student or friend who told me it was a kind of a zombie movie. Sitting here to wait the novocaine off, I’m gonna watch it and liveblog.

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The Hills Have Eyes

The Hills Have Eyes was fine, but not as creepy as I hoped it would be.  For the most part, the villains were yucky, but not scary.  It strikes me that Craven’s film was an answer to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a predecessor to today’s gore-porn flicks like Saw. Minute-by-minute below.

Return of the Living Dead Part 2

Real tagline: Just when you thought it was safe to be dead. Like the first Return of the Living Dead, this film mixes humor and horror, falling more heavily on the humor side than did the first film.  This film also leaps more quickly into the zombie horde, a move that works for the sequel.  […]

Liveblogging 28 Weeks Later, part 2

Second half of my awesome Liveblogging event. Spoilers below…

Liveblogging 28 Weeks Later, part 1

Below the fold is the first part of my 28 Weeks Later liveblogging event.  I can’t promise insight, or even humor.  The best you can hope for is on the spot reactions. The liveblog will be posted in two parts to reflect the dismembered viewing habits my family life (wife who dislikes horror films, child […]

The final dealy-o

I spent all afternoon installing Windows updates and various software.  I’ve now got a fully functional ubuntu/winxp box.  I also copied all the data I’d backed up to portable drive back to the windows side, so I’ve got plenty o’data now too.  I will migrate much of it over to the linux side soon, but […]

Ubuntu > WinXP

It’s now 11.25am.  I am blogging from my working ubuntu box.  Winxp sucks. Now my plan is to format and reinstall windows in the remaining partition.  I will install the minimum amount of software I can and try to use linux for everything.  Goal: Win install will be my ‘gaming’ partition only. Nice bonus: makes […]

The Great Summer Reinstall Returns

Okay, so I’ve given up on the ‘repair’ install and am going whole-hog re-up.  New task list: Install Ubuntu in a partition. Install WindowsXP in the other partition Enjoy Keep posted for updates.


The xp repair install failed to blue screen of death.  I started it over in the evening and it worked BUT the install failed to properly set up either my wireless card or my ethernet card, so as of 8pm this evening, I had an non-updated windows box that couldn’t see the internet.  I gave […]

Finally, something goes right

I didn’t fix the floppy drive, but I finally got my computer to see my hard drive and am ‘repairing’ WinXP now.  The munchkin is about to awake, so I’ll have to take a break until this evening.  At least I’m ending on a positive note.

and it piles on

Apparently sometime in the past WHO KNOWS HOW LONG my floppy drive broke.  So now I have to fix that before I can download the driver for the hard drive before I can reinstall windows.

Gorram Dell

Ugh.  Going round and round with help files online and with xp install disc.  Apparently the hard drive on my POS computer needs its own special driver installed from FLOPPY disc at just the right moment or Windows XP won’t recognize it.  DAMMIT.  I haven’t even begun the reinstall and it’s 2.30 already.