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The Wilhelm Scream is a sound effect that shows up in lots of films, a fad started by Ben Burtt. This category will document places where I have personally spotted the Wilhelm Scream. I won’t rule out films where I knew it would be coming, but I’m not going out of my way to see Wilhelm Scream films.

Anyhow, in case you don’t know it, here’s:

The Wilhelm Scream

Two movie blurps

1. When Gru’s mother in Despicable Me kicks the punching bag, sending her karate sparring partner flying, he hollers the Wilhelm Scream. 2. I’ve finally seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which Avery keeps mispronouncing in an alarming and hilarious way), and couldn’t help but remember the sequence from Ace Ventura in which he hollers the […]

Wilhelm drives

In the CARS dream sequence when McQueen is thinking about the movie that Blue Lightning will be in, one of the people he shoots explodes and utters the Wilhelm scream. Also, it’s only my second time watching the movie, so I can be forgiven for only now noticing that the Cart Talk guys provide the […]


Up is a beautiful movie.  My family watched it this week and we enjoyed it immensely.  Pixar hits another homerun.  I’ll hold off on slathering too much adulation, as you’ve heard it all before.  Some small thoughts: As always, the characterization is excellent, with a few short scenes defining who our characters are and shaping […]

Another Human Target Wilhelm Scream

Another appearance of the Wilhelm Scream on Human Target.  This time, the mission takes Chance deep into the jungles of Peru(?) where he leads a bunch of ne’er-do-wells into a minefield.  The first or second “rebel” to step on a mine Wilhelms as he flies into the air. Also, this episode introduces Kim Coates as […]

Wilhelm Puncher

On Community, the group gathers in Abed’s room to watch terrible movies, including Kick Puncher, the Robocop ripoff whose punch is as hard as a fist.  At one point, in the background, we hear Kick Puncher hit someone.  The sound they make when they fly through the wall? The Wilhelm Scream.

Wilhelm Target x2

We’ve seen our good ol’ friend the Wilhelm Scream in two episodes of Human Target so far: The first episode, when Chance kicks a dude out the back end of the train.  Wilhelmed! In the third(?) episode, when monk’s-habit-wearing Chance kicks a dude out of a cable car over a mountain.

Black Sheep

My Zombies in Popular Media class watched Dead Alive on Wednesday, and it got me in the mood for some good old-fashioned kiwi gore effects. Thank goodness I had the perfect cure just sitting on my television, waiting for me. Black Sheep tells the story of two brothers who’ve inherited one of the largest sheep […]

Weekend Media Roundup

A few bullets from this weekend’s media meals. We got an Agatha Christie Poirot from the library over the weekend: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. One of the suspects seemed familiar, but it took me a minute or two to figure out it was Christopher Eccleston, the first of the new Doctors Who. Avery discovered […]

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The Zombie Reporting Center mentioned a new indie zombie film, Colin, made in Britain for supposedly £45 (though this obviously excludes any hardware or equipment costs), whose trailer looks pretty great. It seems to tell the story of a zombie from the zombie’s point of view. On top of it, you can hear the Wilhelm […]

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An object lesson in keeping your feet on the floor of your car

I saw Planet Terror a while ago (zombie movie, natch), but only just got around to seeing Tarentino’s half of Grindhouse: Death Proof.  I think Peter Travers’ review nails much of what I like about the film.  While it does play on all the traits you would expect (indeed, DEMAND) from a car-based exploitation flick, […]

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Parodies even use it

I watched the two-part Star Wars parody on Family Guy.  In one of the fight scenes, we hear the wilhelm scream.  Yep.

Wilhelm Growl

When Tai Lung escapes from his supermax prison, he bounds from platform to platform, kicking the horns out of a bunch of rhino guards.  One of them Wilhelm Screams as he smashes backwards through a door.  Rule.

Snow 2: Brain Freeze

Not a lot to say about this ABC-family 25 Days of Christmas syrup-a-thon. I watched it while goofing around on the computer, so I don’t have too much to say, but: I like Tom Cavanaugh. Don’t you have to? I hope his new USA show is good. Perennial villain Patrick Fabian is back. Does this […]

Running up the stairs

There’s a sequence in Madagascar in which Alex the lion goes running up some steps at Union Station in New York, looking for Marty the Zebra.  The people around him, unaware that he’s a nice lion, scream and run away.  Among the voluble mixture of sounds accompanying the running people?  You guessed it, the Wilhelm […]

Wet Hot American Summer

was most notable for the vast number of People You’ve Seen Elsewhere; it’s the Diner of the early naughts (though Diner has a more sustainable kind of comedy). I will hereby rate the movie based on other things I’ve seen these people in. Check imdb for pictures. I decided Jenny wouldn’t enjoy the film, mostly […]