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Zero Klout
Zero Klout

In the past few weeks of doing the Zero Klout project, I’ve noticed that it seems like your Klout score cannot go below 10.  I’ve never seen a score below 10, anyhow.  Thus, I’m trying to figure out how to make a score that DOES, or to keep it as low as possible.

To that end, I’ve created an account to author the tumblr with that belongs to twitter user @zeroklout.  I also made a facebook account for him, leaving all the privacy settings public.  I’m planning to use the most naive of social media ‘rules’ to navigate these figures.

I will tweet once a week or so with @zeroklout.  I will ‘follow’ anyone who pms the account or uses the #zeroklout hashtag.  (Gentle readers, please don’t go out of your way to do this — I’m not sure what will happen if the account starts getting a bunch of mentions from others, but surely it will go up in Klout.)

I’m also trying to figure out how to see a klout score for that user itself.  So far, I haven’t been able see one, and I don’t want to register for Klout with it, because that’s a sure way to make the score skyrocket.

If you have ideas, particularly for ways to make the score go down, please post them here.

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I’m working on an update about Zero Klout, which you should hear about soon.