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Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Once again, Bulldog Drummond is due to get married and something might get in his way.  To prevent the trouble, he and his trusty butler have removed all the guns from the house, cut the telephone line, stayed in for a week and, to be sure they didn’t wander, removed all the pants from the […]

The Shadow Strikes (Scourge of the Underworld)

Rod LaRocque stars as Lamont Cranston, “the Shadow,” who foils unexplained safe-crackers and then poses as a lawyer for no earthly reason. He natters about the film with a look of mischief on his face, and the story is moderatly enjoyable, though I’m not sure I can explain who the murderer was. Maybe the butler? […]

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Sherlock Holmes: The Woman in Green

Spoilers! 1945. Holmes and Watson investigate a Bones-worthy mystery, a serial killer who murders women and cuts off their thumbs. Holmes discovers that, surprise surprise, Dr. Moriarty is behind this dastardly scheme. Rich marks are being hypnotized and left in odd places, with bloody thumbs in their pockets. Then, when they realize what “they’ve done,” […]


The Atomic Brain

aka Monstrosity, 1964. The “plot” is roughly this: a wealthy old woman wants to live forever, so she funds the research of an unscrupulous scientist to figure out how to swap brains between bodies. Then she hires three sexy orphans to come live at her house as maids. Her plan to swap her brain into […]

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The Shadow: International Crime

1937. The Shadow: crime journalist, criminologist, detective, and radio star pursues a murder investigation under the scrutiny (and anger) of the cops. His hapless assistant tries to be a skillful journalist too, but she’s hopeless. I enjoyed this picture quite a bit, but there was a lot of goofy stuff in it. A bunch of […]

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Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

1947. Tracy faces off against a bank robbing gang who has a secret formula that freezes people immobile for about 15 minutes. A moderately entertaining story made great by the fabulous mise-en-scene and characterizations. I’m enjoying these movies more by the minute. Here are a few screenshots and some commentary. Once again, a seedy bar […]

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Bulldog Drummond’s Secret Police

1939.  Bulldog Drummond is back in another gripping adventure.  This time, just one day before his wedding, an absent-minded professor (so absent minded he wears winter clothes in August because his calendar says January) shows up at the Drummond house to explain that there are millions of pounds hidden in the catacombs below the castle.  […]

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The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

1935.  Holmes, descending into retirement, takes one last case to catch the elusive Dr. Moriarty.  He gets involved, somewhat obliquely, and Holmes ‘catches’ him at the end.  Sigh.  It was moderately entertaining, but the sound quality is pretty terrible on the 1930s movies in this set, so it was difficult to follow.  I enjoyed the […]

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Dick Tracy vs. Cueball

1946. Jenny and I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Like the last Dick Tracy movie we watched, Dick is pretty funny, the villains are goofy, and the story was somewhat anticlimactic. Nonetheless, the details of the film worked really well for me: Cueball looked a bit like a thuggish, husky John C. Reilly. Dick […]

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The Inner Circle

1946.  Adele Mara and Warren Douglas star in this mystery about a murdered radio gossip columnist.  The moment pictured here is awesome — the detective is duped by the damsel in the veil, and left to take the blame for the corpse on the floor.  She beans him with a bookend.  A fine film, and […]

Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge

An amusing tale of intrigue, chases on the train, and gunplay. Among the more amusing moments: Drummond’s tired butler gets settled into bed, only to be woken and asked to guard a cabin. Poor butler. Algy (pronounced like the water moss) gets stuck on the train and, in his continual attempts to contact his fiance […]

The Kennel Murder Case

An enjoyable, if forgettable, mystery starring William Powell as Philo Vance, a Thin Man knockoff. I say forgettable because Jenny and I watched this movie twice in the last year, and had virtually no memory of it the second time. On top of that, we had to re-watch the ending because we couldn’t remember who’d […]

Dressed to Kill

Sherlock Holmes film from 1946 that turned on a code hidden within three “musical boxes”. Our favorite detective gets wrapped up in a theft-recovery project and faces off against a female villain to rival Irene Adler (from “A Scandal in Bohemia”). The dingy tavern where Holmes meets up with a former safecracker and musical genius […]

The Mysterious Mr. Wong

Of the cheapo 100 mystery movies that I have to watch, the worst are the films from the 1930s. They aren’t bad per se, but the sound quality is usually terrible. It’s like listening to a movie through a closed door. There’s always something a bit shameful about watching old Hollywood movies in which basic […]

The Scar

(also called Hollow Triumph) Starring Paul Henreid. A thoroughly enjoyable film, with excellent film noir twists and characters who betray one another. One key moment in the film revolves around Muller’s doppleganger, Dr. Bartok. The only difference between the two is that Bartok has a scar on his left cheek. Muller takes a photo and […]