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In search of a regular feature…

Kevin really hates whatever kind of computer this is. (CC by Leondardr) Saturdays are a tough day, blogging-wise.  If I’ve gotten up early, it’s to get some shit done so I can avoid work guilt bothering me when I take time to play the Cones of Dunshire with my kids.  So I don’t want to […]

What would you put on a Road Trip playlist?

We’re taking the Great Family Road Trip this summer for two and a half weeks in July, so we can expect to spend plenty of time in the car with the kids.  Consequently, I’m putting together a few playlists — one for us when the kids are watching movies, one for the whole family, etc. […]

The Ghosts of Travel Agents: Universities, Electracy, and the coming tsunami, part 1

This is the first in a four-part blog series taking a snapshot of the current economic, political, and grammatological situation facing the modern American university system.  In parts two, three, and four, I will focus specifically on pressures from different quarters challenging us to re-imagine what it is we do.  This part serves as a […]

Call to the Lazy Web: Virtual Library Shelf

I’ve often lamented to my classes that the Internet has not yet come up with the electrate equivalent of the library shelf.  Denizens of the library recognize the collectors’ delight in the surprising find, the book that’s near the one we wanted but not directly related to it.  It might be two shelves up, or […]

On genre fiction, self-publishing, and the Internets

So I’ve mentioned on Twitter (and elsewhere) that Jenny and I are working on a fiction project.  The novel is an historical mystery with a slight paranormal element, aimed at the market who enjoy Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight series.  Right now, we’re not so interested in trying to find a traditional publishing venue, but are trying […]

Playlists and other ways to bring your music back

Talking about music with a friend a while back, I got to thinking about what I do to revisit music that has lain fallow in my giant morass of MP3s.* When you have 41.9 days worth of music, it’s easy to forget to listen to an album, here or there. So I try a few […]

What should I do with all these awesome old paperbacks?

As you very well know, I collect Mike Shayne paperbacks, both because I like the pulpy feel of Halliday’s work, but also for the lurid and hilarious covers.  I also have an extensive collection of John Dickson Carr, Carter Dickson, and Ellery Queen novels I inherited from Peter Christensen when he retired.  Up until now, […]

Adventures in reverse-image search

Watching A Miracle on 34th Street last week, I noticed this weird photo framed on Judge Harper’s office wall.  I wondered what it is and whether it’s just some random picture the prop department hung up, or if it’s famous in some way.  So I thought I’d try to find it on the web.  First, […]

Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day is coming up.  Are you ready? This Ada Lovelace Day on October 7, share your story about a woman — whether an engineer, a scientist, a technologist or mathematician — who has inspired you to become who you are today. Write a blog post, record a podcast, film a video, draw a […]

Your American Menace Number

Old timey newspapers  often referred to the Chinese as the “yellow menace,” a particularly racist and hurtful thing to say about the poor immigrants you’re bringing over in boatloads to build your railroads and then die childless because you wouldn’t let them bring their wives, sisters, or other womenfolk.   The phrase persisted into the modern […]

Search phrase playlists

While writing my post about the music we listened to in March, I sought out the ABBA song of which Blue Oyster Cult had reminded me.   I entered the word abba into iTunes, and it brought up ABBA Gold, Cab Calloway and the Cabbaliers, a movement from the Carmina Burana whose title included the […]

Blood on the Stars

I’ve reached the end of my detective novel covers, so I’ve started featuring covers posted by other people.  Enjoy.

Wednesday Caption contest

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Wednesday Caption Contest

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Wednesday Caption Contest

Please supply a caption in the comments.