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2013 Ray Browne Conference on Popular Culture @BG_PCSA #BCPC13

What a fun time I had at the 2013 Ray Browne conference on Popular Culture last weekend.  Here’s what I saw: Saturday, 9 February 2013 Session 1: Social Media and (Self) Presentation. Panel Moderator: Myc Wiatrowski (Bowling Green State University) Rebecca Butorac (Indiana University): Social Media Caught Socially Unaware: Parody, Performance and Reflexivity in the […]

Midwest PCA wrap up

The Midwest Popular Culture Association had its annual meeting last weekend, and as the Executive Secretary, I see the conference for its warts and all.  But it’s pretty darn great.  Some thoughts: The Mystery, Crime, Thriller, and Detective area saw an okay year, with one and a half panels of good papers.  Will try to […]

Computers and Writing 2011

Good summaries abound on the web, but I thought I’d turn in my thoughts as well. The venue: Congrats to the folks at the University of Michigan Sweetland Writing Center for their excellent organizing and venue choice.  The panel rooms were great and the dorms were fine.  The union center worked okay, but the audio […]

St. Louis, in pictures

While I was in St. Louis, I got away for an hour and a half to walk around the downtown area and take pictures.  I borrowed my friend Paul’s camera and took 110 pics.  Here they are: All are CC licenced, so enjoy and use!

PCA/ACA Rundown II

More on the PCA/ACA 2010 conference in St. Louis. Panel 2278, Mystery and Detective: Trans-Genre Mysteries.  My talk on Gibson’s Pattern Recognition will appear here on Friday. John Teel read “ESP, the Paranormal, and Detective Fiction: Breaking the Rules, or New Rules?” in which he argued that detective stories usually do not include supernatural phenomena […]

PCA/ACA Rundown I

I went to the national PCA/ACA conference last week in beautiful St. Louis.  It was a great event, with lots of fun people and good scholarship to see.  As usual, I did not get to see as many panels as I would have liked since I’m on the executive board and so have to attend […]

On Conferences

So I just got back from the Midwest PCA conference in Detroit, where I am the “Executive Secretary.”  This means I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff, mostly registration and finances.  It’s been a grueling first year, with some big lapses on my part but some successes as well.  A few thoughts about how […]

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New Orleans pics

PCA/ACA 2009

Traveled to New Orleans for the Popular Culture and American Culture Association 2009 meeting.  Inspired by cbd’s CCCC roundup, here are my bullets: Traveled with Jenny for our first real, non-kid, more than one night vacation in a long time.  It was really fun, and hearing Avery tell us about her day over the phone […]

Software for managing awards?

I’m the chair of the Ray and Pat Browne Best Edited Collection award for the PCA this year, and I’m curious if anyone has any advice for software to use to manage my committee’s evaluation of the submissions.  I’m thinking of something that allows each member to log in and rate the various submissions, to […]

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PCA roundup

The PCA/ACA 2008 National Meeting was excellent. I enjoyed myself very much, heard several great panels, got elected to the executive board, and got to see San Francisco. Here’s a roundup of papers I found particularly memorable: 028 – Olivier Mauco gave an interesting talk on political activities in online spaces (such as WoW). I […]

San Francisco Stories

I was in San Francisco for PCA 2008 last week. Some additional commentary on the panels will follow, but here’s a bit about my days in the city. I took a long walk around the city on Good Friday, about six hours, and enjoyed it immensely. The most striking thing about the city is its […]


Letting others do the heavy lifting

So Brian, wielding his writing like an epee as I bumble through with bullet points and snarking, has posted a lovely narrative of SCMS ’08. Go enjoy it.

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SCMS roundup

I went to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Philly this last weekend. A good time was had by all, or by me at least. 1. My paper My presentation considered my same ol’ shtick, what happens to the detective as we enter electracy. This time I took a run at the […]

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A comic in the works

Last thursday, I introduced Art Spiegelman when he spoke as part of Creative Nonfiction Week 2007. I had an excellent time and have several amusing/entertaining/edifying anecdotes to share. It seems most reasonable to share these as comics, but since that takes a long time, it will be days or weeks before I’ve produced such works. […]