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Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Empire State’s Worldbuilder

When my students and I talk about the digital age, one of the changes we trace is the relationship between author and audience.  In oral cultures, the relationship is direct — the one telling you the story is standing within earshot, so you can ask questions and work out details together.  Literacy changes that, separating […]

Worlds collide!

I read blogs for a variety of reasons: humor – cuz’ I like funny stuff academics – cuz’ it’s my job Skepticism and Rationality in sciecne – cuz’ it’s interesting Freedom of speech (particularly on the internet) – cuz it’s interesting AND it’s my job In skimming my feed today, I discovered an overlap in […]

No (my answer to Slate’s question: Did Veronica Mars Ruin Kickstarter?)

These things come in waves.  This serves as a follow up to my essay from last week about the economics of copying and David Lowry. Sam Adams crafted this piece on Slate a couple days ago.  Here’s a key paragraph: But is it the dawning of a new day or the end of an era? […]

Jersey Boys and Fair Use

(via “Using Clips from Ed Sullivan in Jersey Boys was Fair Use” from BoingBoing) Jersey Boys is a musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Apparently at one point in the show, they use a brief audio clip of Ed Sullivan to contextualize the time period of the play.  Here’s the juicy bit of […]

The economics of copying (re: David Lowry and OnTheMedia March 8th)

First, my source material: “The Past, Present, and Future of Ownership” from On the Media, March 8th OTM spoke to David Lowry about the music business.  Lowry defended record companies in much the same way I do in my classes–namely, that when people sign record deals they get advances and agree to let the companies […]

IP news: The Dead Shill

Unrelated to classic heckler I.P. Freely. An interesting conversation occurred in my New Media class on Monday.  Well, there were many, many interesting conversations because I’m an amazing professor.  But there is one I’d like to write about here.  We spent some time discussing the new Galaxy chocolate ad featuring Audrey Hepburn acting Hepburnish and […]

IP News: 50 Shades of Copyright Infringement

Last November, Universal Studios sued a porn company for its plans to make a 50 Shades adaptation without permission.  According to Universal, the film is a direct adaptation and not parody, a fact supported by quotes from the movie’s producers saying things like “The film will be very true to the books.” The response to […]

The coming wave of consumer-created media

My friend Rolfe reminded me of a good exchange about copyright that I encourage you all to read.  Three key posts: It started with Emily White’s post at the NPR All Things Considered blog: But the truth is, I’ve never supported physical music as a consumer. As monumental a role as musicians and albums have […]

Happy NO DRM day

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New Directions in Popular Culture Theory

The most invigorating and lively panel I attended was the Professional Development panel chaired by Bob Batchelor on Saturday morning at 11:15.  Four of us presented to a packed house, offering ideas and explorations of the current pop culture landscape and considering how Pop Culture studies and Theory could interact in the future.  Quick summaries […]

PCA/ACA Copyright and Intellectual Property Area, 2012

At the PCA/ACA 2012 meeting in Boston last week, I chaired two panels for my area, Copyright and Intellectual Property. They were both excellent, if I can say so myself.

SOPA/ PIPA and the conundrum at the core of copyright, part 2

Continued from yesterday – Is Copyright law okay they way it is now, or should it be changed? – If changed, should it be more or less strict? – How long should you get to own the monopoly on your creative work? – How often do you violate copyright? The answers tend to be that […]

SOPA/ PIPA and the conundrum at the core of copyright, part 1

So here’s the quick and dirty version of the talk I gave today at the PCAACA conference in Boston (By the way, my co-panelists were GREAT; all six papers that appeared in the Copyright and Intellectual Property Area were, in fact, great.) 1. SOPA AND PIPA The SOPA and PIPA acts were bills wending their […]

And he’s watching us all with the EYE … of the tiger

Everyone’s favorite boxing anthem, “Eye of the Tiger” has been part of Newt Gingrich’s intro music since 2009.  I presume he jogs onto stage in boxing shorts and a silk robe, shadow-boxing at phantom feminazis and liberal treehuggers, smiling at the adoring chant of “Newt! Newt!”  But now, that glory may be gone.  Survivor, the […]

What did you think I was doing for that hour?

Three bits of effluvia: The French courts have just found in favor of a map company that sued Google for unfair competition, claiming Google would start charging for access to its mapping service once its competitors had been run out of business. Cory Doctorow has an amusing story called “Scroogled,” in which he imagines a […]