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Semi-regular posts about games I’ve been playing.

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Tales from Kickstarter, part 2

This week’s Dispatch follows up on last week’s discussion of Kickstarter and board games. In response to the three problems I pointed out last week, we’re starting to see a number of changes in KS habits for board game producers. Stretch Goal Fever The companies that do well fighting this problem have learned a couple […]

Dispatches from the Age of Electracy: Tales from Kickstarter

If you follow this blog much, you know I enjoy a good kickstarter campaign — particularly for board games, which are relatively cheap in terms of development (mostly costing the developers time and energy and potentially little else), but can be very expensive in terms of production.  Thus, Kickstarter can be an excellent way to […]

Gaming Myself

So, I’ve begun using two different game mechanics in my daily life. First, I’ve been following Zach’s efforts with 750words for a while now, and noticed that John is having success at it as well.  So I’ve decided to try using it for my scholarly and creative writing (though not blogging).  I started on May […]

1000 pins

There’s a training mode in Wii sports that is perhaps the coolest thing on the game — it’s a bowling minigame that allows you to ramp up how many pins you’re hitting with each frame until on the last frame you hit 100 pins all at once.  Someone over at Nintendo must have realized this […]

de Blob

So I discovered, on our family trip to the library yesterday, that our library has Wii games.  Woot.  I got “De Blob” for a two week trial.  Oddly enough, when I checked the online catalog, I found that it has 7 holds.  So why was one on the shelf?  Lucky me, I guess. The premise […]

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Some additional thoughts on Rock Band

In a short break from my work day, I played a bit of Rock Band 2 today. Some new thoughts. The RB2 website is annoying because you can’t delete unused or lost bands. Since we had our data crash, the original bands we made are stuck there. Lame. But there is a photo generator, which […]

The Mummies, now on tour

I picked up Rock Band 2 for the Wii last week, and it sure is fun.  A few comments: We’ve created three bands.  The first is for all four adults in the house — Jenny, me, Jenny’s sister, and her husband.  We called ourselves “The Flux Capacitors” and have played a bit but not progressed […]

House of the Dead 2 & 3

So I picked up House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return for the Wii, and am enjoying it immensely.  My favorite arcade games have long been light gun games, since the systems are designed to use the hardware and thus work smoothly.  They’re also not thought-provoking or challenging, intellectually, but just fun to play. […]

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The other side of the coin

For every good experience on Google Image Labeler, there are at least two bad ones. Here’s my most recent: I got an image that showed three principle members of the Start Trek crew. Here are the labels I typed in the 40 seconds before my teammate passed, then the five more I obstinantly typed to […]


A couple rounds before bed

I often play a couple rounds of Image Labeler before bed.  Today, I got paired up with a couple real crackerjacks who think the way I do and type quickly.  Check out this score:

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Wii Fit

Jenny and I have been looking for a Wii Fit for a couple weeks now, and my sister in law snagged one for us and mailed it here.  It’s pretty cool — I will probably use it to get me to do more physical stuff than I do now.  It’s sad but true.  The yoga […]

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Now we’re cookin’

Jenny and I had a little spree at Target the other day, compliments of our credit card rewards program (not as fiscally responsible as getting cash back, I guess, but those gift cards are fun), and among the other coveted but not absolutely necessary stuff we bought, I picked up Cooking Mama.  What a hoot. […]

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A bit more about Portal

I’m sure you’re tired of all this Portal talk, but too bad.  I’m a bit obsessed.  I find the moments when you see yourself through the portal as particularly cool. I listened to the audio commentary and learned quite a bit about how the game was developed.  The commentary uses the little word balloons (as […]

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Rules. I picked up the Orange Box as part of my birthday spending spree, and just blazed through 18 levels (I don’t know how many there are) finished the game in short order (I composed the first draft of this post after one 2.5 hour session; 2 hours later I’m done). The humor is great […]

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Rayman’s Raving Rabbids 2

Jenny and I got this party game for the Wii last week and have been playing it.  It’s a pretty fun goof, with lots of mini games and silly Wii controller stuff.  The animations are silly and the Rock-Band-like game at the end of each level is amusing. The game features a vast amount of […]

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