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Silver Screen Fiend

Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film by Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt is a really good memoirist.  He has the deft touch of a seasoned comedian, a keen eye for metaphor and the important detail, and a strong sense of storytelling.  Silver Screen Fiend imbues his early standup years with a […]

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe; narrated by Wil Wheaton If you don’t read XKCD or Munroe’s weekly “What If?” column over at, you’re really missing out.  This book collects some of the best What If columns, plus adds a bunch of new ones.  It’s a simple premise: […]

Pigs Have Wings

Pigs Have Wings by P.G. Wodehouse Two gentlemen with big manors face off in a legendary fat pig growing contest, and right in the middle is the brother of one of the men, Gally Threepwood.  Of course, there’s some confusion with mis-matched lovers, a farce involving an uptight butler and stolen pigs, and an awful […]

On modern humor

[youtube:] A few observations without a conclusion. 1. “College Kids Can’t Take A Joke” by Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune (link) Clarence Page writes about how Chris Rock doesn’t perform for college audiences any more because they’re too sensitive. Page writes: I marvel at comedians as varied as Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dick Gregory, […]

Unholy Night

Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith What if the Three Wise Men of the nativity story weren’t, in fact, scholars, but were rather disguised thieves on the run from Herod?  And what if they happened upon a young woman and her husband and the baby they said was destined for great things?  And what if there […]


Bossypants written and narrated by Tina Fey Fey’s memoir is a nice balance between stories about her career, essays on life as informed by her own experience, and a few cogent and telling discussions of the modern state of comedy (particularly of women in comedy).  Fey shows herself to be a thoughtful, funny writer–this is […]

The Stair Method…

Classes are done.  Now it’s just grading. and grading. and did I mention grading? The only time I dislike using all electronic project and paper submission is that it doesn’t give me this way out: See the Stair Method for more on this precise and detailed grading model.   [ | | | | | […]

Who Put the Roo in the Stew?

“As a fact of life it’s known now, and we all know that it’s true: the Colonel put the lickin’ in the chicken, but who put the roo in the stew?” The tale of a shady meat dealer, apparently. [youtube:] [ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | […]

Sir Apropos of Nothing

Sir Apropos of Nothing by Peter David From its title and slightly goofy premise, I thought perhaps this book would be silly like a Terry Pratchett book — it’s not quite.  But neither is it as serious as a straight-up fantasy novel like A Game of Thrones.  Instead, it occupies this weird spot where it’s […]

Sappy vs. Humor/horror – Simon Birch and Frankenweenie

Simon Birch and Frankenweenie Every now and again, I page through the upcoming movies on the channels we get to see what might be worth recording for a casual future viewing.  This net caught both films reviewed here today. Frankenweenie expands Tim Burton’s famous early film (which Disney did not like, at the time) about […]

Get the F*ck out of London, You Goddamn Zombies! (Cockneys vs. Zombies)

Cockneys vs. Zombies is a solidly enjoyable zombie comedy, which great production values, a funny scenario, and a bit of pathos.  The film follows two storylines during a zombie outbreak in East London — a group of old-age pensioners trying to survive as their caregivers and the people in streets around them all succumb to […]

Tingle Bells

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Thanks for your restraint, Stan Lee

I love this panel.  Stan Lee had to hold off from revealing the words of Dr. Strange’s invocation so that his readers wouldn’t use this spell to wreak havoc across the nation.  One wonders if this was already a problem.  Kids were standing up to bullies by waving their hands and calling on the “hoary […]

The Spoils of Babylon

What a weird show.  The Spoils of Babylon is a modern version of a 1970s television miniseries, an epic story of family, jealousy, love, and bitterness.  It’s also weird as all getout.  Most of the gags depend on the epic scene chewing and the over-wrought narrative, combined with lots of sight gags and a ridiculous […]

Stand Up! Stand Up!

I first started watching stand up on television in tenth grade, when I would watch Stand Up! Stand Up! during the lunch break at my janitor job.  Marc Maron was the host (it’s been fun listening to his podcast now, I had no awareness of his career between the two projects), and it’s the first […]