Traveling Dandy Meets Farmer’s Wife

German Flirter
German Flirter

Anybody out there know their German culture?  I’ve noticed this recurring figure in the 1904 German humor magazine I’ve been scanning and posting on Flickr that seems to have the following characteristics:

  1. mustache
  2. hat with a feather
  3. suspenders, high socks
  4. always flirting with ladies

I’m curious about the history or shape of this character as a folk figure.  Here are a couple images of him.  Anybody out there know what the deal with him is?  Is it the German version of the traveling salesman who tries to sleep with the farmer’s daughter?  Below are some links to examples.

Missing Beings (late)

A crappy comic so I don’t find myself driven to post. Only two panels, though more could result in more ridicule. Mostly, just so bad I can’t bring myself to spend more time on it.


There are also two terrible images that make it look like the secret to being a gun slinging action hero is DANCE!




Mack Bolan: Executioner

When I was in high school, my knowledge bowl team often traveled to “away” tournaments, sometimes hours away or even far enough that we had to stay overnight. When we did, I always enjoyed buying cheesy “men’s action” novels from gas stations along the way. One of the cheesiest was the Mack Bolan: Executioner series. Needless to say, it was fun to find an Executioner comic.


When I started reading the comic, though, I was appalled. Not only trite and cliche, the comic was downright offensive. It fulfills the worst stereotypes at every opportunity.

The storyline is also libelously close to that of Frank Castle’s (The Punisher). Namely, both are vietnam vets with special forces training who came home to find their family dead. In The Punisher’s case, his family was killed in cross-fire, I believe. In The Executioner’s case, his father got in debt to a loan shark, who captured Mack’s sister in some bizarre prostitution scheme. Both go on murderous rampages designed to clean up the mafia because the police can’t or won’t.

Here are a few more panels:


The worst-dressed gangsters ever:

This looks a bit like the villains are dancing as he shoots at them.

Alas, every woman in Don Pendleton’s world is sexxed up:

I can’t resist a bit more commentary, so read below the fold for more panels and grousing.

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Hobarthy Collages (1)

Since October marks the 6-month moment in the Hobarthy project, I thought I’d take a stab at a collage. I used the panels from Kiss and Tell and Hand of Fate. These images are 750×1000 pixels, and will open in pop-up windows. Enjoy.


Hand of Fate

This is October’s Hobarthy project comic. I thought this would be a lot like The House of Mystery from the cover, but it ended up being a wannabe Hellblazer. More interestingly, it played to all the noir conventions with the utmost sincerity—aware that it’s being cliche and sublimely content with being so.


I spent some time making a couple collage pages (to practice up for the year-end Hobarthy project) with panels, so instead of doing a mini-collage here, I’m going to put up a couple panels and make snarky comments (ala The Comics Curmudgeon).

I imagine the writers feeling edgy when they named the psychic detective’s raven “Satan,” but it inadvertently resulted in OMEN-inspired hilarity. I like the sub-text that Archie’s sidekick is actually a minion of the evil lord.


This sequence is odd. The angry lady with the purse is mad because her husband (balding) philandered with some woman named Gwendolyn, a fact revealed by the stage psychic (Satan’s minion). Then a man who’s dating a woman named Gwen socks the philanderer, sure that his sweetheart has been unfaithful. The fight continues in the second panel; the angry wife watches, shouting with vengeance or indignity. Which is it? Is she commanding violence against her husband or is she offended by it?

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Kiss and Tell (September)

I bought this comic for the Hobarthy project in September and never got around to posting it. I bought it thinking it would be noir crime comic. It ended up more like a noir superhero comic. It’s issue 7 of a Samson story; the lady on the front of the cover is the story’s Delilah.


Here are a few panels (not in the order they appeared in the comic):






American Flagg!

I’m a bit late getting this comic up, but this was the comic I found in the bins during my random search. I must admit–I’ve heard of this before and was pretty excited about finding it. Nonetheless, I’ve scanned a few panels for the Rose Hobarth project:

American Flagg! 1 cover


Leaping Lizards!

Month 3:

Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains Cover

This title is your standard Western adventure story, but with alien reptiles as the heroes. Hence, Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains.

I didn’t find a sub-story in this one to arrange here, but there are lots of amusing panels. Check ’em out:

3: IPL_racket_sm.jpg

  1. Do Gauchos really pee on cacti?

  2. Lucas wasn’t stealing from Streetcar, but from IPLotTP. In a classic sign that a writer isn’t confident in his artist, the narrator box tells us what the picture obviously shows.

  3. I find the last panel of this part really funny. The authors constantly give the old man lines like this, to make him seem more “Western”, I guess. At one point he says “Don’t forget all that stuff I teached ya.” ‘Teached‘?

  4. I like the overhead shot. The contrast between the top panel and the bottom one in the quality of the art show that this guy would be really good drawing landscapes and backgrounds with a partner to draw the action. Also, this is one of several places the authors use “Yikes”, which makes me laugh.


The Unseen Hand

Month 2:

The Unseen Hand

There were lots of panels that could port to a larger story, as long as your character’s name is Mike. Here are a few, arranged in a vaguely amusing way.

I imagine the man with bandages as either a man in a hospital bed or a space mummy (the bandages + the weird sci-fi tube) from Mike’s subconscious. I like choice 2 better.

The Experiment Begins

Month 1:


February 1980. Oddly enough, art by Howard Chaykin (with Al Milgrom). I swear I didn’t look at the inside before I bought it. Totally random that it’s HC’s art. Or fate, one of the two. (See extended entry).

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Impending experiment

Today is the first work-day after the first of the month, so I get to stop at the comic shop on the way home. I’m starting a new experiment today. I’m going to go into one of the numerous old-back-issue boxes and pick a comic out based entirely on its cover/art. I’m going to try and ignore the title if it has any meaning for me and concentrate on getting something cool. Then that comic will be about art-supplies rather than about narrative (which is why I buy most comics). We’ll see how it goes.