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The next podcast from my Writing and Rhetoric 2 class. In this one, I explain my approach to editing at the college level. Influenced by the U.S. swim trials right now, I use elite swimming as a metaphor for learning to edit at the college level. It works pretty well, I think. Podcast below the […]

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The next podcast from my Writing and Rhetoric 2 class.  In this one, I explain the idea of “convergence” as I understand its relationship to electracy, our coursework, and the Lawrence Weschler book we’re using as our guide. Podcast below the break.

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In week 3, I explain induction, deduction, abduction, and conduction.  Again, this applies to the discussion we’re having about how one might write conductively.  The Weschler book I refer to is Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences, which is our text for the course. Podcast available below the break.

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In this podcast, I give a quick explanation of electracy for my students, since the research model we’re using depends, somewhat, on understanding this construct.  I work in a little Ong and the old canard about the hammer, axe, saw, and log. Podcast available below the break.

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Introduction to iTunes U

For Writing and Rhetoric 2: Online This podcast introduces students to iTunes U and to the general practice of podcasting for our class.  Nothing too fancy here. I’m putting it below the jump so it won’t download everytime someone looks at my homepage.  Enjoy.

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For your edification

I’ve decided to post the podcasts from my Writing and Rhetoric 2 class here, mostly because I can, rather than from the idea that any of you will want to listen to them. They will be in a rapid succession of posts, so apologies in advance for flooding your RSS feeds.