You’re it!

After a silence over at Bubblegum Aesthetics, Brian reveals that he was on break as he went back through all his old posts and tagged them to build a tag cloud.  A cool idea that I’m implementing.  Of course, with 1,482 posts over the last five years, it’s going to take a while.  I’m doing 15 or so at a time, once or twice a day.  So 100 days and I’m set.

STORM CLOUD by chascar
(STORM CLOUD by chascar)

I’m trying to be organic and overflowing in my tagging, as the categories already provide a certain kind of structure to my posts.  By contrast, my tags concentrate not on categorizing, but on small nodes: actors, authors, titles, emotions.  I’ve used “preposterous” several times already.  We’ll see where it goes.

Stats fun

So I’ve been getting a bunch of hits lately for the phrase “Sextant Games.”  When people type “Sextant games” into Google they get my Games category as their top result. There’s a list of inventions at a gamer website, and there’s some game environment design software called “Sextant,” but I’m unclear about why suddenly, in the last three months, so many people are searching for Sextant Games.

To give you an idea of the tide this phrase brings in: my all-time top-rated search result is “Krakatoa,” which pops up as the number two image in Google’s search for that mountain.  In the time I’ve been keeping the stats on my blog, roughly 2500 people have visited to see that image.  The next most visited page was around 600 individual views.  In the last three months, my Games category has yielded 1500 views.  At this rate, it will pass Krakatoa in two months.  This assumes people are still hot to find Sextant games.

If any of you searchers come across this post and want to fill me in on what led you to type that search phrase, I’d be gratified to hear your answer.


Update, part 2

When I updated, I lost some of my widgets and had to reconstruct them. That’s what I did this morning. You’ll notice that my sidebar is back to full strength, with Netflix and Goodreads queues rocking the image bar, and my audio clips once again play using the little triangle play icon.

Two troubles:

  1. I’ve now figured out how to display more than one netflix queue, but I can’t get the text from the description to show. The plugin has a ‘raw’ option, but it just yields the title, as far as I can tell.
  2. I had to reinstall the 1bit audio player, as the “auto update” option in wordpress broke it by renaming the plugin directory from “1bit” to “1bit-audioplayer”.