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A Trip to Dullsville

Journey to the Center of the Earth I didn’t expect much of this movie, since it made very little money and it has Brendan Frasier, an actor I like but who inexplicably dooms any movie he signs on to act in.  It’s also hard to watch a movie like this without scoffing a lot.  A. […]

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

We enjoyed The Spiderwick Chronicles moderately. The film tells the story of a bummed-out teenage boy who stumbles upon a magical book that gives insight into the world of magical creatures. It is, of course, a very valuable book being sought by a malevolent Nick Nolte ogre monster demon. (He’s almost as scary as his […]

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I, Robot

by Isaac Asimov I just finished reading the seminal story collection by Isaac Asimov about the emergence of robots and their effect on mankind. Predicated on the three laws of robotics, Asimov’s stories explore various problems that arise from different ways these play out. As usual, they’re well written, character-driven stories that tease out particular […]

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Weekend Media Roundup

A few bullets from this weekend’s media meals. We got an Agatha Christie Poirot from the library over the weekend: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. One of the suspects seemed familiar, but it took me a minute or two to figure out it was Christopher Eccleston, the first of the new Doctors Who. Avery discovered […]

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Pride and Prejudice, no zombies

I know most of you assume that I go in for costume dramas, but I’m not usually the first one on the couch when somebody says “6-hour Jane Austen adaptation.” But a couple things lured me into the beloved 1990s BBC adaptation: 1) I just read the Austen book and the Graham-Smith/Austen “adaptation,” 2) I […]

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the movie)

So I’m going to write this review with the idea that you know all the essential plot points in the book.  I will be commenting on stuff in the movie, too, so if you want to be surprised when you see it, go ahead and come back to read later.  In other words, SPOILERS AHEAD! […]

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Easy Virtue

Jenny and I saw Easy Virtue at the State theatre in Grand Traverse, Michigan this weekend.  An enjoyable movie in an incredible theatre — that’s what the cinema’s all about. Easy Virtue adapts a Noel Coward play for the big screen, following the adventures of Larita Whitaker as she meets her new husband’s very English […]

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