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Douglas Coupland rips off ZeFrank

An interesting development in the circuit of plagiarism, citations, and idea borrowing/stealing.  A while ago, ZeFrank’s The Show introduced the “Earth Sandwich,” in which two people on opposite sides of the world put bread on the ground and make a, well, you get it.  In his upcoming novel and some online videos about it, Douglas […]

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Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future by Cory Doctorow I picked up Doctorow’s book because I suspected it would have some choice conversation starters for my Writing for New Media class. And it does. The book (available at for a free download) comprises a whole bunch of […]

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Can we have some decent film criticism please?

There’s a long article in the Chicago Tribune today about Firas Alkhateeb, the college student who made an image of Barack Obama as the Joker from The Dark Knight last December. He posted the image on his Flickr account and forgot about it. Then, a couple weeks ago, it began popping up on posters all […]

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Changing licenses

Flickr allows users to designate any of a number of licenses for their images, everything from a standard copyright (all rights reserved) to a variety of Creative Commons licenses. It also lets users change their licenses whenever they like. This means if they decide they want to stop offering CC licenses with their images, they […]

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Soundtrack, commentary, and YouTube

[youtube:] So off and on, I’ve played around with GameCam Fraps to record games. It’s a cool little app that I spent some birthday money to buy a year or two ago. One game, when I happened to be recording, I had a string of three extremely lucky (not skillful) kills in Counter-Strike: Source, and […]

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Family Home Movie Act 2005

I mentioned, in my earlier post about scms08, hearing a talk about a new copyright law from Lucas Hildebrand.   I also suggested I would write a bit more about that.  Well, here it is. The act does not permit one to create a new hardcopy of a movie in a completely “sanitized” format, nor […]

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SCMS roundup

I went to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Philly this last weekend. A good time was had by all, or by me at least. 1. My paper My presentation considered my same ol’ shtick, what happens to the detective as we enter electracy. This time I took a run at the […]

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