New photos from Avery

For Christmas last year, Avery got a Fischer Price kid-tough camera (it’s a digital camera that’s encased in rubber).  Here’s the latest set of photos from it.  I’ve edited a lot now and have a lot fewer here, since I don’t want to post the photos she took of other kids.  Check those out on our family website, if you’re so inclined.

Happy Birthday, Finn

Finn enjoys his first birthday cake.
Finn enjoys his first birthday cake.

So Finn is one year old today.  Congrats, buddy.  We had a party with Jenny’s parents, her uncle and Grandma from Washington state (Finn’s Great Grandma), and four of the nieghbor kids.  Great fun and cake was had by all.

The world’s youngest Blink 182 fan


Some quick thoughts on flying solo

Fun at the Park
Fun at the Park

Jenny went to her parents’ house this weekend, so I was home with the kids (Avery, a 3.5yo girl and Finn, a 11mo boy) for 3 days. I was able to borrow a car for one of those days.


  • Friday (car): zoo, picnic lunch; ice cream shop, park (1)
  • Saturday: downtown via el, family fun at Millennium park, lunch at Arby’s; park (2), saw some neighbor kids, dinner at softball tournament
  • Sunday: park (1), met up with neighbors, picnic lunch, pool; Jenny arrived home, dinner out


  • Avery was a delight at nearly all the outings, the “waterfall” at Millennium park was particularly entertaining. Her splashing/running gait through the water embodies childhood glee.
  • Finn continues to be awesome. He scowled at the pool most of the time, but then I’d catch him surreptitiously paddling at the water.
  • Both kids continue to enjoy the El. Finn likes sticking his fingers in the air-conditioning vent by the window (though keeping his mouth off it was a challenge).
  • All three days included an everyone nap of around 90 minutes. Thank God.
  • General delight in fathering.
  • Hanging out with the neighbor kids across the street and their dad was fun.
Fun in the Millennium Park waterfall
Fun in the Millennium Park waterfall


  • Finn got diarrhea on Thursday morning and it continued through Sunday morning. So lots of diaper changing and sheet changing and fussy baby. And 5am wakeups daily.
  • Only a couple tantrums from Avery, but one barn-burner when it was time to leave Arby’s. I apologized to the other patrons.
  • Each kid “Boomed” their head once during the weekend. Avery slipped while running around the Millennium park water area (despite my several warnings to “walk, WALK, WALK!“) and Finn crawled over a footstool and off the other side onto the floor. I stopped him the first three times.
  • Finding time to take care of personal hygiene. (Notice my unshaved appearance.)

Avery continues to be hilarious most of the time, and Finn has gotten really good at doing what you told him not to, then smiling slyly at you . Fun bonding time, but I’m glad my better half has returned.

Traverse City, MI

Jenny and I took a “Happy 8th Anniversary Us” trip to Traverse City, sans-kids, over the weekend of 26 June. Here are some of the photos I took.

I just realized…

The projected due date for the new Riley is August 8th, which would make his birthday 8/8/08. Check this out:

In the Greek mysteries, the number 888 represented the “Higher Mind.” The Greek variation of “Jesus,” “Iesous,” equals 888. (link)

The symbolism of the number eight: starting afresh on a higher level, an octave higher. (link)

On one hand, I love the idea of the higher mind being embedded in my child’s birthday. On the other hand, it makes me think we’d be in danger if a bunch of Religious folks intent on fighting the coming antichrist get wind of this. Perhaps we’ll induce on the 7th.

Yet one more reason I love my wife

The Wilhelm Scream

So we’re watching Toy Story and Buzz gets knocked out the window by accident. As he falls, I hear the familiar “eeeiyow!” and turn to Jenny, smiling.

“Do you recognize that?” I ask.

“The… Wilhelm Scream?” she says.

And I smile the smile of a man whose wife knows him well. Him and the esoterica he enjoys.

I don’t usually care about basketball but…

Sarah TibesarMy cousin Sarah is a Senior Forward for Washington University’s Women’s Basketball team, who made the Final Four last year.

There’s an interview with her on the Wash U website.  Enjoy.