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In case you missed Glee this week

Finn:  “I don’t think one decision makes your life, unless you accidentally invent some kind of zombie virus or something.”

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Now that’s a spicy meatball.

Okay, instead of spicy I mean huge and instead of meatball I mean tomato. But who’d click through to “Now that’s a huge tomato?” Aside from tomato-fetishists, I mean.

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Happy Birthday, Finn

So Finn is one year old today.  Congrats, buddy.  We had a party with Jenny’s parents, her uncle and Grandma from Washington state (Finn’s Great Grandma), and four of the nieghbor kids.  Great fun and cake was had by all.

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Some quick thoughts on flying solo

Jenny went to her parents’ house this weekend, so I was home with the kids (Avery, a 3.5yo girl and Finn, a 11mo boy) for 3 days. I was able to borrow a car for one of those days. Activities: Friday (car): zoo, picnic lunch; ice cream shop, park (1) Saturday: downtown via el, family […]

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A challenge in creative parenting

Our babysitter found a job (she was an out-of-work social worker making some small time cash doing babysitting work), which is awesome for her, but left us in kind of a bind.  By us, I mean me, since I’m working at home now and Finn has started to crawl.  Thus, I’m catching snatches of work […]

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On language and other thoughts while parenting

Avery says “my” instead of “I” or “I’m.”  This puzzling linguistic development became clear once I figured out its boundaries.  Here’s how I figure it emerged: 1) We would say something about a posessive: “Have you found your shoes?” 2) She would say “Avery found your shoes.” 3) We would correct her, “You mean to […]

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Finn Patrick Riley

He arrived at 5:44pm today, Friday 1 August.  He’s studly and healthy (7lbs 12oz, 21.5 inches), and Jenny’s doing great too.  Wow, I’m double the parent I was this morning. See also: Avery Brynn Riley Note: I blog a couple days ahead of myself much of the time, so don’t be surprised when I follow […]

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