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Dead Man’s Diary and A Taste for Cognac

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Storm Storm Bang Bang

Storm Front bv Jim Butcher; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang For today’s double review, I thought I’d write about two texts I’d just finished, both of which I’m returning to.  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a postmodern detective story with cool humor and wacky narration, a solid film.  Storm Front is Jim Butcher’s first book in […]

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Big City Bad Blood

by Sean Chercover I started this book two months ago when my book club read it, but wasn’t able to attend the meeting and so put it down after 40 pages or so.  Something about the book didn’t work for me.  Never one to give up easily on a book, I picked it back up […]

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by Ken Bruen Calibre rockets through the story of a group of cops (ala McBain’s 83rd Precinct) in London and the criminals they encounter.  Its characters are sharply drawn and distinct, and its dialog really pops.  If Bruen’s other books are half as enjoyable as this one, he’s got a new fan. The killer and […]

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Stalking the Vampire

Stalking the Vampire: A Fable of Tonight by Mike Resnick rating: 2 of 5 stars Mike Resnick’s Stalking the Vampire tells the tale of hard-boiled detective John Justin Mallory, a real-world P.I. who has been transported (in a previous novel) into an alternate-world Manhattan in which Goblins roam the streets and all manner of fantastical […]

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Dyke Darrel the Railroad Detective

Or, The Crime of the Midnight Express by Frank Pinkerton; read by Sibella Denton (via Librivox) A moderately entertaining old mystery recommended to me by a friend from the PCA Mystery section.  The book has all the hallmarks of early hard-boiled stories (though was written well before those would have been popular), including friends who […]

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