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Digital Sextant : Year in Review: cinema and television
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Year in Review: cinema and television

I watched just over five dozen films this year; here are my favorites (among the movies I saw for the first time): Cinema Star Trek – I enjoyed this rollicking rethinking of the original space adventure.  I loved the way Abrams kept the old continuity and erased it at the same time–it’s a cute plot […]

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

We enjoyed The Spiderwick Chronicles moderately. The film tells the story of a bummed-out teenage boy who stumbles upon a magical book that gives insight into the world of magical creatures. It is, of course, a very valuable book being sought by a malevolent Nick Nolte ogre monster demon. (He’s almost as scary as his […]

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Having recently re-read HP 6 in preparation for the movie, I found myself struggling to remember exactly what happens at the end of the story. Seeing as the next movies are more than a year away, I decided to re-read HP 7. Some thoughts below–Spoilers ahead: I enjoyed the book quite a bit on the […]

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the movie)

So I’m going to write this review with the idea that you know all the essential plot points in the book.  I will be commenting on stuff in the movie, too, so if you want to be surprised when you see it, go ahead and come back to read later.  In other words, SPOILERS AHEAD! […]

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (the novel)

Part One of a special two-part series (duo?) reviewing the novel and the film.  You know you’re excited. I re-read Half-Blood Prince this weekend as I prepare to see the movie tomorrow.  Some thoughts about the re-read of the book.  Oh, Spoilers galore, so stop here if you haven’t read or don’t want to know. […]

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Mama Mia!

Jenny reminded me that we’ve seen plenty of “boy” movies this summer (though only movies that she happily agreed to see), and then reminded me that she is nine months pregnant, and then declared that we were going to go see Mama Mia! today. Like the musical, it’s enjoyable because of the Swedish musical cotton […]

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