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Digital Sextant : Mister B. Gone
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Mister B. Gone

by Clive Barker Mister B. Gone purports to be a 600 year old manuscript imprisoning the eponymous minor demon forever.  Periodically throughout the book, the demon begs you to burn the novel, freeing him from the endless cold torment of his dungeon.  When you refuse, he tries to pursuade you by telling the story of […]

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Meh.  You’d think a movie involving space vampires, a naked lady, and zombies (er, space zombies?) would be great.  You’d be wrong.  This movie isn’t terrible, but there are lots of other movies that do what it does better.  Here are some comparisons (I freely admit that comparing a movie to others that came later […]

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An object lesson in keeping your feet on the floor of your car

I saw Planet Terror a while ago (zombie movie, natch), but only just got around to seeing Tarentino’s half of Grindhouse: Death Proof.  I think Peter Travers’ review nails much of what I like about the film.  While it does play on all the traits you would expect (indeed, DEMAND) from a car-based exploitation flick, […]

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Dead People

Aka Messiah of Evil I got this movie as part of a $10 9-movie pack called “The Living Dead.” While the movies themselves aren’t amazing, the DVD transfers are actually pretty good. Messiah of Evil tells an H.P. Lovecraft kind of story: much like “Dagon,” a young woman goes to see her father in a […]

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The Shrieker

Andrew gave me a box of movies from a closeout sale at a video store, and I’ve finally found a spot in my schedule to crack them open. This is the first of what will likely be many wonderful reviews of films unequaled in, well, something. While Shrieker certainly won’t win any awards, it’s entertainingly […]

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I don’t know anything about this movie. I remember seeing a trailer for it and thinking it looked good. I also remember a student or friend who told me it was a kind of a zombie movie. Sitting here to wait the novocaine off, I’m gonna watch it and liveblog.

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