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Foul Play

We enjoyed this outing from early in the careers of both Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. It’s a strange movie, with a schizophrenic attitude that’s hard to place. Foul Play tells the story of a lonely librarian and a police detective who fall in love as they try to uncover the assassination plot in which […]

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Big Train, Series 2

More of the same. I enjoyed it still, but didn’t get much sense of the troupe having evolved or moved forward. The series continues to revolve around the ideas of strange situations made surreal by their ordinary environs. If anything, the biggest difference this time around was in their willingness to push the joke past […]

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Big Train, series 1

I happened upon this early Graham Lineman show after I Netflixed The IT Crowd, and was doubly persuaded when I saw that it featured Simon Pegg. Big Train continues the British tradition of sketch comedy, building on the Python tradition but feeling a bit more like Kids in the Hall, but without the returning characters. […]

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Best joke of the week on a website I read and remember right now

From RevSF’s newsblast: Item! Kevin Smith Returns To Comics Batman: The Widening Gyre is a new series by writer/ director Kevin Smith. It will be in August, followed by Smith’s Green Hornet series at Dynamite. I understand that Batman disguises himself as a clerk and hangs around outside cursing and drinking big sodas.

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The challenge of a dislikable protagonist

I Just Want My Pants Back by David Rosen A friend gave me this book because it made her laugh, and I can definitely see why it did. Rosen’s writing feels a lot like that snarky friend you like to meet, who always has a biting remark to make about nearly anything. It’s funny in […]

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My new favorite website (Thanks BoingBoing)

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