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I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.

Post opening 1: Independent filmmaking in the HD, Uber-FX era parallels programming for the Wii. When Nintendo was working on the Wii, they focused nearly all their development money on implementing its innovative control scheme, eschewing the next round of processor and graphics upgrades that Microsoft and Sony pursued in creating their current-gen consoles. As […]

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The King of California

Jenny got this amusing little indie film from Netflix and it was pretty delightful. The film tells the story of Charlie, a bipolar dreamer whose daughter has had to fend for herself since he went away to the mental hospital. Now he’s out and he’s on a quest to find a missionary’s lost cache of […]

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The Zombie Reporting Center mentioned a new indie zombie film, Colin, made in Britain for supposedly £45 (though this obviously excludes any hardware or equipment costs), whose trailer looks pretty great. It seems to tell the story of a zombie from the zombie’s point of view. On top of it, you can hear the Wilhelm […]

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Johnny Sunshine

I’ve seen some bad movies in my day.  The Dead Hate the Living.  The Human Tornado.  Burn, Hollywood, Burn. Johnny Sunshine: Maximum Violence made the list. It’s not that the film is amateurish — and oh boy is it.  I can appreciate low budget filmmaking for what it is.  But it still needs to do […]

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I, Zombie

I, Zombie makes an early stab at a theme that would be quite popular in the most recent slate of zombie films.  It’s most clear descendants are movies like American Zombie, Zombie Honeymoon, and Zombies Anonymous.  All three films follow I, Zombie‘s lead in thinking about what it would be like to  be a conscious […]

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