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Year in Review: Music

I downloaded music from two main sources this year, emusic and jamendo.  Here are a few of my favorite selections from the year: The BPA, Fatboy Slim and friends This collection of songs by a variety of artists is pretty awesome, with jaunty tunes and memorable riffs.  I likes it. A whole bunch of songs, […]

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JoCo rocks the house

A crappy photo of the JoCo concert So we saw JoCo yesterday.  It was AWESOME.  Completely awesome.  Paul and Storm were great, and JoCo lived up to expectations.  Some specifics: Paul and Storm have an hilarious comedy routine that works wonderfully as an opening act.  They had some dedicated fans in the audience, ready at […]

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September music rundown

emusic downloads: Flogging Molly, selections from Whiskey on a Sunday — I already own copies of most of the tracks on this album that mixes live and acoustic rerelases of other songs. But I was able to get one new song, the delightful “Laura,” and several acoustic renderings of old favorites, the best of which […]

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A little bit of Amen

So I read some of The Brain in Love by Daniel Amen, M.D.; narrated by Patrick Lawlor.  A few thoughts: The book spends a lot of time talking about brain scans as a key diagnostic tool. At first, it sounded pretty intriguing: peoples’ brains are the root of all their problems! Defective brain patterns account […]

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August music rundown

emusic downloads: Koerner & Glover, Live at the 400 Bar – I’m a big fan of Koerner and Glover, whom I discovered among my father’s CD collection. They do old fashioned guitar and harmonica folk music, with good renditions of standards and their own twists on songs. My favorites on this album are “Goodnight Irene” […]

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Do you know where you’ll be on October 10th?

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July music rundown

June/July’s downloads from emusic: Jonathan Coulton, Thing a Week One: I was missing seven songs from this album, and was very happy to get them. By far, my favorite is “Someone is Crazy.” The jaunty banjo gets me hoppin every time. Check out the AMV below. Apparently there was a contest. Trout Fishing in America, […]

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June music rundown (should have been posted somewhere around 6/15)

eMusic downloads: Apples in Stereo, New Magnetic Wonder: delightful TMBG-like tunes. I particularly like “Can You Feel it?” Jonathan Coulton, Smoking Monkey: I had a couple tracks from this album already, but here are the rest. I particularly like “I’m a Mason Now” and “Bozo’s Lament.” I guess because my name is Bozo, I was […]

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2009-06-28 Tweets

Downloaded a few JoCo songs this month. The banjo on “Brand New Sucker” rocks. # Powered by Twitter Tools. [ cialis iop | viagra london | what is viagra used for | professional cialis online | free herbal viagra samples | cialis by mail | buying cialis online | viagra for women in india | […]

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My favorite JoCo song today

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