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Digital Sextant : Gearing up for J-session
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Gearing up for J-session

As you all know, I teach a j-session course each year called “Zombies in Popular Media.”  To keep myself up to date and stay on track, I use November, December, and January as zombie months, watching only Zombie movies from my personal queue.  This year, instead of the haphazard randomness I usually use to decide […]

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

Of course, you were as excited for this film as I was when you saw the Youtube trailer. Some thoughts: I don’t mind my movie science shaky, but I like them to try, at least. My biggest complaint has to do with the classification. The scientists unblinkingly call this shark a Megalodon. Megalodons are the […]

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The most important film ever made.

Via Pharyngula: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa7ck5mcd1o] She goes by Deborah Gibson now.

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Queue update

Shocker.  There’s a limit to how many movies you can have in your queue. In order to be able to add more movies, I went through and removed the entire runs of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which I had added on a whim. For those of you keeping track, Jackie Brown is […]

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Kung Fu Panda

Jenny and I realized that we’re both home during the day and, on Tuesdays, Avery is at daycare. We can go see movies again! Whoo! I suspect this will be a trend. Anyhow, here are a couple quick bullets about KFP. Lots of delightful voices. I didn’t recognize Lucy Liu, and poor Jackie Chan got […]

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The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

1935.  Holmes, descending into retirement, takes one last case to catch the elusive Dr. Moriarty.  He gets involved, somewhat obliquely, and Holmes ‘catches’ him at the end.  Sigh.  It was moderately entertaining, but the sound quality is pretty terrible on the 1930s movies in this set, so it was difficult to follow.  I enjoyed the […]

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