Don’t take your love to town

Kenny Rogers did it well before, but there’s something about the melancholy rockabilly style of Cake that makes mournful songs just heartbreaking.  I just listened (while hanging drywall) to their cover of “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town.”

  • Ruby seems like a pretty big jerk in the early part of the song, but when he says this line, my heart just cracks open: “I’ve heard them say it won’t be long until I’m not around.”
  • Of course, then he says he’d kill her if he had a chance, so there’s that.
  • I’m a little surprised Cake didn’t shift the line “that crazy Asian war” to “Arab war,” as is their wont.  I’m still fond of the change to “I Will Survive” in which they say “I should have changed that fucking lock, I should have made you leave the key.”  I’m pretty sure Gloria Gainer didn’t say fucking.