Still enjoying the Wii. A few thoughts, now that I’ve settled into gameplay a bit more:

  • No More Heroes continues to be excellent. I like the mini-games quite a bit, and the mini assassination missions are enjoyable too. I’m now waiting for the third boss battle.
  • I don’t really get the idea of the clothing stuff, though. You can buy a variety of clothing pieces for your avatar, but they’re all pretty much the same. You don’t get to pick the style you want, you just get to pick from the style he already likes. I would like this feature better if you really could change the way he looked: hairstyle, kind of clothes, etc. Nonetheless, I’ve started buying clothes.
  • You can also spend money to work out at the gym. To get your character stronger, you do a number of exercises with the wiimotes which are actually a bit of work.
  • As my ranking gets better at Tennis, I’m getting more and more irritated with the poor control the wiimote has over the racket. I would like to be able to have a much more refined swing–too often my stupid avatar hits the ball in the wrong direction or with too much oomph, something that could have been corrected if the wii noticed direction, speed, AND torque. What really bugs me is that it CAN notice those things, but it doesn’t.
  • The baseball game is also less fun than I woud hope, since you have no control over fielding or base-running.
  • A buddy came over last week and we played all the levels of WiiPlay — the pool game and the tank game are both pretty awesome.
  • Two player Smash Brothers is pretty awesome too.
  • I registered my Wii on the Nintendo website, but am still unsure how to connect with the Nintendo network. Maybe I’ll try that next week.


No More HeroesSo I mentioned, a couple weeks ago, that we had room in our tax return for me to get a Wii. The challenge, at least in the Chicagoland area, is finding them. I’ve been looking for one pretty consistently since April first, calling stores occasionally and checking in at every store that carries them every time I pass the store. I wasn’t in hard-core gotta-have-it mode, but I was getting there. So this Sunday, I found one at our local Target:

Me, pointing at the glass case in electronics: Is that a Wii?
Target employee, smiling the grin of the magnanimous, the grin of Santa: Yep!
Me: I would like to buy that Wii.

Two minutes later, a dude with his girlfriend/wife comes up: Oh Man! He got one!
Me: Beat you by two minutes!

So Wii. Some bullet reviews, early on:

  • Wii Sports: as fun as expected. I’ve played Bowling the most, but play Tennis a lot. As my Tennis skill improves and the computer opponents get stronger, I’m more annoyed that the controller isn’t more sensitive. You have very little control over racket angle and ball placement. Makes it hard to net effectively.
  • Wii Play: I wasn’t going to buy this, but it was only $50, and it came with a remote, which costs $40, meaning that the game only costs $10, and the duck-hunting game is pretty fun.
  • Smash Brothers Brawl: this is the game my students and all young Wiifanatics are enamored of, despite the fact that playing this game with the WiiMote is seen as majorly crappy. I bought a couple classic controllers to use for it, so I’m dubbed moderately okay. The general rule, though, is that the GameCube controllers work the best. I like the game so far, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played a fighting game and this one has a lot of whiz-bang in it. I feel kinda old trying to get it, but my Mortal Kombat days are coming back to me. I particularly like “training” mode, where you have an unresponsive enemy to beat up on and can practice combos and moves. I remember doing that in MK–playing 2 player by myself.
  • No More Heroes: A very stylized, amusing, sword-fighting, kill-lots-of villains kind of game. I haven’t played much of it yet, but so far I really like it. It’s also pretty funny, and the stylized graphics are WAY over the top. Kinda like playing Kill Bill. The wii controller is used for finishing moves and to resolve ties. It’s also intentionally amusing that the movement to recharge the sword (a light-saber-type device) looks distinctly masterbatory, both for the player and for the avatar, who hunches over his sword as he jiggles it to recharge.

For those of you who haven’t used it, the Wii also has permanent avatars that can be used in games like Bowling and Baseball, and can be ported from one Wii to another. These avatars, called Mii, are amazingly customizable, and fun. They don’t really do anything though, so oh well.