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Digital Sextant : The Thinking Zombie’s Conundrum
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The Thinking Zombie’s Conundrum

I’ve been pondering a philosophical question for a while now, and it appears most relevant in the context of movies like American Zombie, I, Zombie, and Zombies Anonymous.  We discussed it a bit in my New Millennium Studies class today with regard to Frankenstein’s monster.  We also see it in the context of vampire stories […]

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In which I am interviewed by a Middle School student

A middle school student conducted an email interview with me about zombies.  My favorite question: 12.Is it possible for zombies to have babies? A couple movies have included zombie babies, most notably the 2004 remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD and the mid 90s zombie movie DEAD ALIVE. In answering some of her questions, I […]

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I Eat Your Skin

Aka Voodoo Blood Bath Alas, I Eat Your Skin involves no skin eating by anyone. There are certainly zombies, creepy figures with gnarled skin and wide-open eyes, but they menace, machete, and capture more than eat. And they lurch about in ways much more akin to the Voodoo zombies of White Zombie than Romero’s flesh-eating […]

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Dead Strong

Grace Lee, director of American Zombie, sent me this Dead Strong bracelet after we corresponded a bit via email.  I decided to bust out my mad zombie photoshopping skillz to show it off.

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My Dead Girlfriend

I went into My Dead Girlfriend with pretty low expectations. Having seen lots of indie zombie movies (including a number of excreble Troma films), I wasn’t holding my breath for anything much. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the film has a good sense of humor, decent production values (especially a very good sound […]

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American Zombie

American Zombie documents the “high functioning” zombie subculture living in Los Angeles. Part satire, part social commentary, part character study, the film amuses with its low key horror construct and meticulous attention to the mockumentary model. The film follows several zombies as they “live” in the city. Ivan, a convenience store clerk, is the most […]

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A pretty solid b-movie. The development of the characters and the setup work pretty well, the film follows the usual pattern of people getting trapped together, zombies attacking, etc. The stock characters are all there and work like they’re supposed to. In some ways, the film feels like it was just cobbled together from other […]

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